Celebrating the Legacy of Handloom weaving, Craftsmanship and Natural Dyeing. The word Sangamam denotes confluence, symbolizing the meeting point of rivers or streams. In the context of our conference, it encapsulates the coming together of ancient textile traditions, techniques and artistic talents. As we celebrate handloom craftsmanship and natural dyeing, we create awareness and delve deep into a heritage that speaks volumes about human creativity, environmental sustainability and cultural resilience.

Key Highlights

Learn & Grow

Immerse yourself in the rich legacy of handloom craftsmanship, gaining insights and skills from global experts.


Meet artisans, designers, scholars and enthusiasts, opening doors to potential collaborations.

Support Sustainable Fashion

By promoting and supporting handloom and natural dyeing, you contribute to an eco-friendly future for fashion.

Showcase Talent

A platform to present your creations, stories and innovations to a global audience

only 25 stalls

The bazaar

Wander through an exquisite marketplace that resonates with the hum of looms and the vibrant hues of natural dyes. Discover a curated collection of handwoven textiles that showcase the diverse traditions, innovations, and stories from various regions. Each stall is a chapter of its own, inviting you to immerse yourself in its narrative.


  • Sakina@Maalgaadistore.com
  • Ranjani87@gmail.com

Cultural Night

As the sun sets, prepare for an evening filled with enchantment. Experience the pulsating beats, soulful melodies, and mesmerizing performances that celebrate the rich tapestry of global cultures. It’s not just a night; it’s a cultural extravaganza.

Fashion Show: Sangamam Runway

Where tradition meets trend. Witness the elegance of handwoven textiles as they grace the runway, marrying age-old techniques with contemporary designs. Be ready to be dazzled by a showcase that blurs the lines between the past and the present, between art and style.

Sangamam: The Post Conference Tour

Dindivanam & Pondicherry – The Indigo Trail

Discover the allure of indigo! The Indigo Trail, crafted with passion, takes us through the journey of the making of this beautiful dye. Join us as we unravel the artistry behind extracting this gorgeous hue, which has defined the economics of a nation. In the Indigo Trail, we will unveil secrets, weave stories, and embrace the vibrant hues of tradition. Come along for an experience that transcends time.

Limited seats – so book your spot now!

WICCI National Handloom Council – is a federation that aims to organise, promote, revive and uplift

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